shanaj79 (shanaj79) wrote in picture_project,

Newbie :)

1) Name: Shana

2) Location: Alpharetta, GA (it's near Atlanta for those who don't know)

3) Any areas of the world you want to see? : Anywhere!

4) What are some things you would like photos of? : Random shots of people, buildings, nature, animals, anything interesting really!

5) List some things you are into [ex:bands you listen to, things you like to do etc etc] : Well, I am into scrapbooking. I also am into random things like collecting postcards and pictures and things like that. I like too many different bands to list...mostly rock and country and a little rap and r&b too

6) List 3 random fact about you : I am pregnant with a boy :), I like oranges, I don't like "pet birds" (you know...the kind in cages...I like ones in the wild though) did say RANDOM right?? :)
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