. (xkittencorex) wrote in picture_project,

1) Name: Samantha

2) Location: Near Sydney in a seaside town called Shellharbour, Australia

3) Any areas of the world you want to see? : Japan, Maldives, The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, China... hehe anywhere :)

4) What are some things you would like photos of? : Whatever you feel like taking photos of, aslong as its good clean fun lol

5) List some things you are into [ex:bands you listen to, things you like to do etc etc] : I'm abit of a band whore, at the moment I'm digging silent drive, the hot lies, underoath and dreamy mellow stuff like mae and armor for sleep. I'd describe myself as a disenchanted optimist waiting for rapture, and until then I'll obsess over shoes, the surf, raves, scene boys, dancing, haircuts and lip bling =P

6) List 3 random fact about you : I'm scared of boys who can't spell, but I'm captivated by those who can :)
I like thoughts on paper.
Right now I'm wearing mis-matched socks :-)

further note: this is such a cool idea :)
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