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this is an awesome idea!
i love taking pictures and i love looking at other peoples pictures!

1) Name: Liz

2) Location: Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida

3) Any areas of the world you want to see? : Canada, California, NYC, Japan...anywhere, really.

4) What are some things you would like photos of? : animals, people, scenery, buildings, cities, funny signs, bars, group photos, random stuff.

5) List some things you are into [ex:bands you listen to, things you like to do etc etc] : japanese anything, animals + stuffed animals (elephants, cats, large birds, snails, aardvarks, bears, ducks, etc), photos, toys, books, traveling, day trips, sanrio/san-x, film, radiohead, etc.

6) List 3 random fact about you : i am 24 years old, i grew up just outside of Boston, Mass., i like to sleep a lot.
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